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RHOD Season 4 Episode 7

Releasing the Ghosts of the Past and Present

In this episode of RHOD, we get ready to see how the “ghosts” of our past can affect our present and—even more so—our future. As we acknowledge them and release the hold they have on our lives, we each embrace our own voice of purpose. I applaud the housewives for their willingness to honor their own voices in each of the situations presented this evening. Here are two powerful examples:

1. Bonding with our children is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. Brandi has been working on connecting with her daughters through common interests. She’s tried shopping and is now bringing forth the positive experiences of her love of cheerleading.

I love the way Brandi participated in the fun with the girls and shared how she learned gymnastic techniques through consistent practice, not coaches and lessons. She shares her own voice of how learning to strengthen your core is important to each move in cheerleading. It is so true in life as well! Our core beliefs guide us in the expectations and intentions for our relationships and continue to provide us with powerful learning opportunities.

2. Stephanie continues to expand her voice and free the “ghosts” of her own past, too. Stephanie and Kameron are trying to connect and “close the chapter” on their disagreements. They experienced difficulties, even with the example of the “surface-level relationship” Kameron felt she heard. When we perceive something from someone else’s words, there is truth in it for us— where we are, in that moment of life. Stephanie apologizes, and they decide to forgive the past and move forward. Are they agreeing to disagree and let the interactions they consider harmful or hurtful go? We can begin to see positive characteristics in the other person and focus on the things for which we are grateful. It is positive and appropriate to recognize that not seeing “eye to eye” isn’t wrong. Seeing through someone else’s perspective can broaden our view of life even further.

I’m proud of Steph for stepping OUT and UP by sharing her voice this season. She is walking past her “ghosts” that have haunted her previously in her life. These memories are only examples of how she stood in her own power and how her lessons in life have strengthened her to be the person she is today.

Is that true in your own life? What lessons are driving your growth and knowledge as they guide your steps forward? Are you grateful for the process or stuck in resentment? Which path will you choose going forward? I believe you must “release to receive” greater goodness and blessings.

Let’s get back to our Ghostbusters. A local “field trip” to a renowned haunted house provided an evening for the housewives to spend together. The evening wasn’t without its excitement, but not in the way you may be thinking. The conversations provided astonishment as much as fear. Just like the concept of ghosts, you could say they are signs of the past we carry with us. Evoking their power in our lives even though we were meant to learn the lesson and step forward with the strength and strategy in tow.

Let go of the ghosts of your past. As we listen to negative words from others or even ourselves, we need to be listening to the still small voice within, speaking truth to us today and shedding light on the truths we need to be remembering from our past.