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Are you someone who:

  • Are you juggling all of your roles and responsibilities in your life and work and feeling not effective in any of them?

  • Have you ever looked back at your life and asked, "how do I live the life I have created”?

  • Have you experienced a shift in your desire to have a greater life with a deeper impact?

  • Are you ending something, starting something, wanting something, or just know it’s “something”?


COACHING in either a 1:1 or small group setting is a wonderful solution to start your own "Walk with Lori”.

We believe coaching is about having the opportunities you need to positively reaching the change, transition, or transformation you desire. Each individual has a choice to experience this progression in aspects of life and work. 

As you engage in the first steps of the process, you will participate in a discovery call with Lori or one of our team, where you will determine if you are if we are in optimistic and enthusiastic alignment about what we will accomplish together. 


Coaching sessions may be chosen to be in a small group and others may be more appropriate as individual. Each session will include new knowledge, tools, and strategies paired with "homework" to be placed into practice before the next session. This assists the client in further growth and positive personal development. 

Why choose Walk with Lori? 
Lori Dixon brings forth her expertise and experiences in a uniquely multi-dimensional way to align with her clients by the mind, body, and spirit connection. 
Lori is a true visionary coach. She will "see" the path to your aspirations by engaging you in inspirations and motivations. Her proprietary work is personally prepared for each client or group. 


Contact us at: to set up your discovery session today. We look forward to walking with you very soon!

"Lori’s coaching and workshops provided the outside voice that I was needing to affirm my desire to pursue those 'out of reach' goals. Through her encouraging and positive approach, she helped guide me towards turning my dreams into actions. She provided the spark, but left it up to me to turn that into fire. Thank you Lori!” 


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