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Group Engagement

Is this you?

  • Are you attending networking and learning events seeking more motivation, interaction, and involvement?

  • Do you learn better with group synergy and interaction?

  • Are you reading books, materials, and information about living more abundantly, seeing a new way to live life, or looking for more?

  • Are you looking for something to bring new ideas, strategies, and tools to your workplace or organization?


GROUP ENGAGEMENT is a wonderful solution to start your “Walk with Lori”!



GROUP ENGAGEMENT is a powerful format to embrace your own learning, connections, and abundance in all areas of your life and work. We use a brain inspired model to further enhance your desired outcomes as you balance your areas of: BE and DO. This model supports the actions of: perceive, believe, achieve, and receive. 


We believe experiences in a group setting must be interactive with others, reflective for personal growth, connective to where you currently are as an individual, and proactive for where you will be as you leave. 


Lori will make you laugh, cry, and dig deep into your own personal “story” as she shares real life examples of tragedy and triumph. Her positive spirit and visionary abilities will connect with you in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Her unique, multi-dimensional approach interweaving cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical knowledge and experience from multiple fields and environments, provides for an intense and interactive process.

She brings her expertise and mastery of learning, behavior, and facilitation of high level skills and strategies with personal, team, and group outcomes exceeded to every experience. 


Want to find an opportunity near you, contact us at:   

Would you like to have Lori facilitate a workshop, meeting, or event? Email us now at:

"Lost your mojo?  Lori Dixon is just the person to help you find it again!  Her workshops are full of energy and thought provoking activities to help you rekindle your creative side. You will walk away with new ideas and positive energy that can guide you back to a life that inspires you. You will no doubt have a few good laughs along the way and leave feeling like you've just been catching up with an old friend!"

 —Barb M.

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