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Pinch of Salt Pastries. Owner, entrepreneur, and baker extraordinaire, Abby Dumont Is offers to you scrumptious and indulgent bakery item from her fresh, gluten-free, allergy friendly, and even Paleo diet choices for every occasion. Pinch of Salt is a custom and wholesale bakery in Grapevine, Texas, who services the Grapevine Farmer’s Market regularly, many coffee and tea shops in the DFW area, and families and businesses who want to just be a “little bit more” health aware. 


As one of “Lori’s favorite picks”, Abby will prepare her sweets for any event, holiday, or just for your family and friends who need the special gluten-free or Paleo-friendly choices. Lori is a personal follower of the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP) and a supportive coach of healthy eating in her own practice. Each of her events will always include a focus on the food and beverages provided whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or just snacks. You will also find the Pinch of Salt Pastries included so you can sample for yourself from cookies, breads, coffeecakes, or pies. You will fall in love with her Pumpkin Cinnamon Streusel bread, too! It is a must! 


Reach Abby’s treats at: or follow her on her Facebook page for what’s new. 


Joan is a true “creator” of those little special gifts or even something for yourself from embroidery on t-shirts for a family outing or a baby blanket for a new grandchild. She is my go-to person when I need something special made for my business, an event, or even for the launch of a new book. Joan is a superb visual collaborator with an enthusiasm for making your ideas happen. I recommend her embroidery and stitchery work highly! You will want to watch for what we are designing next! Find her own Etsy and Facebook under JH Creations.


Allison Fullmer has studied the practice of yoga for the past 15 years. She is recognized for her tremendous passion in many different types of yoga, also extending into areas of meditation, mindfulness and sound therapy. Allison has been certified as a professional instructor for the past five years, having taught over 3,000 classes, earning her 500 E-RYT. She is also certified in Mindfulness with an emphasis in stress and anxiety for teens.

Allison uses yoga as a physical avenue into a deeper balanced way of living. Teaching people how to find true balance between mind and body and living a fuller more harmonious life. She has traveled and explored yoga and meditation across the country and worldwide bringing the essential pieces together to create the one and only Sanara here in Southlake Texas. This state of the art health and wellness center will provide an experience to look forward to with joy and to remember with gratitude.



Erika is a synergistic connection for me with new workshops, podcasts, and even more coming soon! We are collaborating on new opportunities together in Texas and look forward to sharing with you! 

Erika Ervin is the owner of Modern Yinster and the creator of the virtual Awake and Aware Class, The Joyful Life Pod Cast and the Tour De Perspective (found on Social Media).  She is also a 200 Hour Expert Registered Yoga Instructor and teaches yoga courses at local studios and online.  Erika is the Director of Teacher Training at Yoga Pod in College Station, Texas.

She has over 10 years of experience in the Health and Wellness industry and now focuses on helping women create healthy and productive perspective through her classes, seminars, presentations and private work with individuals and corporations throughout the United States.

She believes that connection is the key to growth in life.  She is eager to connect with you and connect you to others to help you grow forward.  Erika believes by connecting with others you can help society  by highlighting your gifts and building your skills. Every individual must look inward first in order to solve tribulations. Only then do we have the ultimate power for sustainable health change.  Before we we do any of this, Erika teaches us how to find stillness and clarity so the journey is joyful!

Modern Yinster - Noun: A person living in a busy, chaotic and hectic who seeks clarity, stillness and passiveness.

Connect with Erika through and Social Media 

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