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Follow along with Lori Dixon as you learn how to step up, step out, and step forward, walking purposefully in this brand new best seller.

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How to Walk in Your Purpose

If your life was a story, what would it say? Would it be about pain or purpose, tragedy or triumph, loss or love? We each have a choice in the story we tell.

In Step OUT, Step UP, Step FORWARD: How to walk in purpose, you will learn to embrace and overcome your challenges. The focus of wholeness in mind, body, and spirit, ignited a spark to find and share those answers, those “ah-ha’s” with you. Right now, is the greatest and most important time of your life. This journey is yours. You may struggle and fall, but you will learn to honor the steps taken, and live each day transformed. Lori’s mission is to empower you to re-envision your life, embrace your authentic self and to walk your path with intention and grace.


No matter HOW you came to hold this book in your hands, you were meant to; for no other reason but to embrace YOU, and your story. Get ready to learn, listen to your voice within, and walk a path that “fits” for you.

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Behind Her Brand


Brilliance comes from seeing who you really ARE and bringing HER with you! We want you to truly SEE your authentic I AM and realize SHE is amazing!

You are a warrior woman in grace and in bliss.



Every Heart Has a Story

Enjoy this collaborative book project. Prepare to be moved as each woman shares the story in her heart. These are stories of triumph, resilience, resourcefulness, service and more. 


Coloring Page &

Custom Bookmarks

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E-Book Available now for digital download!

On any device, learn how YOU can Step Out, Step Up, & Step Forward.

Learn how to Walk in Your Purpose with Lori Dixon.



now thru April 30





Step Out, Step Up, Step Forward: Reflective Companion Journal by

Lori L. Dixon

This is the reflective companion journal to the book Step OUT, Step UP, Step Forward: How To Walk in Your Purpose, also by Lori L. Dixon and available separately.

Reflection is a necessary process to transformation and journaling is a visual way to share your thoughts, dreams, insights, and musings to DREAM BIG.



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BUNDLE: Journal + Autographed Book

Straight from the Author!


For a discounted rate, get both the brand new book + the journal!

You may choose to answer the "walk with Lori" questions at the end of every chapter or you may journal your cheers and challenges in life. My hope is you will find your way as you experience stepping out of the comfort zone, stepping up into what is next, stepping forward with new ideas and opportunities, and envision leaping with bridges to support you.Enjoy the moments you will have embracing your own balance and bliss.





She is passionate about assisting others in their own transformational journey. With her dynamic television appearance on Real Housewives of Dallas, Lori understands todays ‘reality’ and how the ending to any story can be re-written. She believes in finding ‘the heart strings’ in life, releasing the anchors of fears that hold one back and living the life we are meant to live and puts that into practice with her clients. She offers services through one on one sessions, small groups, workshops, retreats, and online programs. Lori’s greatest blessings are her children, grandchildren, rescue kitties, and her amazing “co-pilot”, her husband Art.

Connect with Lori at: and on social media.

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