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What is a Visionary Coach

If you have noticed these days, there is a whole new field exploding of “coaches”. What used to be a term to mean someone who assisted a team of individuals in a sport, is now a title for a supportive person you hire to accomplish a goal or outcome in your life, such as nutrition, health and wellness, weight loss, business, entrepreneurship, spiritual practice, or being in a role such as parent, caregiver, medical personnel, or even leader.

When I shifted my career and began focusing more on women and the challenges as well as transitions they face, I first termed myself a “transformational coach”. After researching and starting my business, I strongly felt I was negating the people who may not want “transformation” in the life right now but may need direction, strategies, and new learning opportunities. I have always been called a visionary, a problem solver, and an entrepreneur. Funny enough, in my old position, I was always willing to start a new program, create a new focus for us, and be the kind of leader to keep going with a balance of risk and positivity as we forged new directions in our field and company. They called them “skunkworks”, an old business term, and I became known as the “queen of the skunks”. Normally, this term would be terribly derogatory, yet I felt it a badge of honor. Coaching my team to work on projects which may succeed and sometimes even fail, we learned from both in order to grow exponentially.

As I started to rebrand my business, I needed a new title away from transformational coach and inclusive of my talents and strengths. Visionary coach was perfect! My own business coach and I decided Queen of the Skunks would be misconstrued. Ha! Little did I know this new direction and type of coach would become an even more appropriate one for my abilities.

As a Visionary Coach, I assist you to re-envision your life one step at a time through the blend of extensive experience and intuitive gifts. My background and experience is remarkably different than many coaches you may encounter. If you are interested in hearing more, you may read more about me on my website

If you have wanted to find a coach to support you in your life or your work, I am sharing just 10 quick tips to support your journey. I hope they are helpful to you.

  1. Determine what area of your life or work you would benefit from someone to support your goals or outcomes. Notice I said “your” goals, not theirs for you. Be specific in what you are wanting and communicate it to your “coach”.

  2. Pair your needs with the type of coach you are looking for primarily. Some people call themselves simply “life coaches”. Inquire with them to see what their area of expertise would be and even their favorite areas to work on with their clients. For instance, if they say I am a positivity coach, ask them, “what does that mean and how do you work with others?”.

  3. You may even ask about their “ideal client”. Ask what their current clients “look like” such as demographics and even focus. You want to make sure you are a fabulous partnership before saying yes to a package or program. If they are a nutrition coach and believe in everyone being a vegetarian and you would never give up meat, they are not a good fit for you.

  4. Interview them. This IS a position you are hiring. Characteristics you can connect with personally. You share a common “belief” in the area of focus. You will be spending lots of time with them… Sometimes it is just a “gut” or intuitive reaction to someone …

  5. Make sure the experience and knowledge areas of your coach match where your interest and needs lie. For instance, if you need a business coach, use your social media skills to check them out on LinkedIn. Or, if you need a nutrition or wellness coach, inquire about their background, considerations in products or types of recommendations to their clients. How do they eat or exercise? Do they have their own wellness program or are in a national based system? If you want them to have a spiritual or faith-based method, make sure you ask about their alignment in beliefs.

  6. Certifications or degrees ARE important! Why do they classify themselves a “coach”? Were they certified by a national, specific industry standard, or even a national individual with ratings in their area? Maybe they have a degree in business and have owned their own business for many years, attended high-end professional learning seminars and workshops in which they share with their clients in Business Coaching.

  7. Do they fit your lifestyle? Do their coaching times available fit your individual schedule or needs? What about location? Do they offer choices on face to face/phone/skype? Can you call if there is a specific need? What about cost, cancellation fees, etc?

  8. If you desire hands-on learning or training, do they offer materials or workshops?

  9. Is there an agreement provided for the coaching relationship? What do they offer? What do they expect? What is the term of packages?

  10. Ask for an initial session to see if you are a “good fit” and what they are suggesting is what you are hoping for in life or work. If not, keep searching. You want the person who “gets” you and sees potential to your circumstance as you start growing in the direction of your new “vision”!

If you have questions about how to hire a fantastic coach to fit your needs, feel free to contact me. If you would like to ask ME these same questions, I would love to hear about your life and work goals and grit, do’s and desires, as well as hopes and hurdles. I look forward to hearing from you!

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