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Maybe Our Relationship Needs a Workout

RHOD Season 4 Episode 2

Welcome to another installment of the RHOD Visionary Insights. Before tonight’s new episode launches, let’s take a look at last week. As I watched, I kept noticing how relationships all go through “workouts” and how we handle them, take care of ourselves once they occur, and engage in more types of workouts with all of our friendships, business clients and colleagues, family members, and love interests. We strengthen our muscles with each one—and yes, we do get strains, injuries, and bruises as we progress through the situation.


We open up with the hysterical interaction between Kary, Kameron, and Stephanie experiencing a highly intensive 20-minute workout based on electrodes and muscle stimulation. You can imagine where the conversation went, spurred on by our newest “housewife” Kary, and the laughter that resulted. I was dying laughing, too.

What did we learn from this workout? New friendships, laughter even where there is pain involved, and how it effects each one of us differently.


Brandi continues with yet another installment of the parent workout with her daughter, Brooklyn. Will hanging out and spending time with her shopping bring them the desired closeness Brandi has been missing? We hear it in Brooklyn’s comment of truth: “No, Mom, you love shopping—I don’t.” Having the craved one-on-one time, whether it’s her jealousy, pre-teen envy, or pure rudeness, Brandi “pays” for the time together to the price tag of $700+. My question would be, is it worth the fleeting moment of a smile from your daughter?

What did we learn from this workout? Brandi said herself, “I’m guilty of bribery.” Is she hoping this brief time together will strengthen their bond or release some of the challenges with juggling all of the life “to-do’s” along with a new baby? Girl, we are all “guilty” of it sometimes. Don’t judge yourself too harshly. Let’s get you a new workout solution and routine that will glean you a little more going forward. We want to exercise the muscle, not injure it.

Our last workout routine is a difficult one.


LeeAnne and D’Andra finally decide to have a conversation and open up the pain between them. The demands for a more substantial apology for getting in the middle of relationships was at the heart of interaction. They have endured many challenges together in their friendship, but they’ve always felt the strength of the other person would support them through any difficulties. As a “workout partner” for each other, the lack of that feeling has been a source of contention for both of them. They feel betrayed and even bullied by the other. Will they be able to move past the hurt?

After a guarded lunch together, we witness a possible glimmer of friendship beginning to emerge again. Talking about safe subjects and upcoming events was the best way to move one step forward. Are they workout partners again? It’s more like working out next to someone else at the gym you have met there. You smile and say hello, but are you working out together? Will you eventually? There is always the possibility… just like for LeeAnne and D’Andra.

Their workouts continue with D’Andra’s 50th birthday party festivities: a “roast” of sorts. As LeeAnne shows up, everyone holds their breath. Will she be her sarcastic and sassy self? Was their friendship ready for that? Good move with going for the “low rep, low impact, heavy weights” workout. Heavy on the heartfelt intention, that is. Her gift of two candles to burn was very interesting and unexpected. She asked D’Andra to decide which one she would burn first, FORGIVENESS or HOPE. What a profound statement. D’Andra answered, forgiveness. The rest will remain to be seen as they take further steps together.

What are your relationship workouts? Do you need a little strengthening, a new routine, or even a new way to workout with someone?

Stay tuned! The workouts will continue, and now, thanks to Kary and Eduardo sharing their vacation home, the “housewives” will be Mexico-bound. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Until then... Remember to Step Forward in Life...


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