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re:FRESH 2019

Happy New Year! For 10 days now we have been sharing that sentiment and greeting with others. We approach the new year with the best goals and intentions for another 12 months filled with hope and opportunity. It is actually one of the most “hope-FULL” days of the year! Yet, how do we maintain that feeling of vision throughout the whole year? Goal-setting, intentions, and other strategies give us the concrete ability too plan and organize our ideas into the appearance of direction. It CAN work and does work in many aspects of our life. The areas is cannot shift is where we want to shift or change our thoughts and feelings or create a new motivation in our lives. No one was ever truly inspired by a “to-do” list because it is not heart-led, but brain-led. How can you add this concept into your life, then?

For years I have facilitated new year “planning” retreats for teams and leadership which led me to the visual representation of focus. We all have attended or conducted vision-board workshops and they can be inspiring. My enhancement on the idea was choosing a word to live by and aligning my process of intention around that word. Last year my word was “Illumine”. Not illuminate, but Illumine. It was a year of shedding light on my path and that of others in order to see the direction of life just one step ahead.

This year I meditated greatly over my new word. Knew it had to be a year-long journey and was given the insight which has triggered my pure excitement. I am revealing my new word and its focus for Walk with Lori today, with YOU!

My new word is... re:FRESH. What is re:FRESH? It is opening to the newness from within and embracing yourself in the transition. It’s sensing how to trust and know where to place your efforts and action. Whether those moments are of renewal and rejuvenation OR pleasure and purpose. It is engaging in the real and most authentic version of being and “doing” YOU with others and with yourself. It is digging deeply to find the cleanest version of your inner and outer self while living healthy, nutritionally, style-wise, with the flow of movement and relaxation, too.

How do we re:FRESH our life? I am blessed to bring you ways to re:FRESH your life or contemplate what that may look like. It will come through the harmony, simplicity, and opportunity of life in its excitement, messiness, frustration, and even challenge, too.

I’m excited about sharing new ways to re:FRESH through strategies, insights, and ideas for you throughout the new year so you, too, may want a life of harmony, simplicity, and opportunity. Watch for what is happening next on our social media for updates! Be blessed and re:FRESH YOU this year, too! You will be watching my own journey, too!

Stay tuned!


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