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Healthy from the Inside…OUT

We are all becoming more and more conscious of HOW we live our lives. We are living longer and realizing the benefits of emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual health. Being healthy from the Inside out makes all the Difference in life. As our share my own story of learning how to live life differently in my new book, Step OUT, Step UP. Step Forward: How to Walk in Your Purpose. It has resulted in a shift not only in my health but in mind wholeness in living.

As we look at this week’s episode Real Housewives of Dallas, the question isn’t whether or not there is extensive drinking going on but where the friendships have “imploded”. It is so evident that there is a the lack of communication between LeeAnne and D’Andra which has resulted in how the families have been brought into the problem. When you are not discussing anything with the person you have the challenge, yet are fully sharing how someone has hurt you even deeper with everyone else…there is trouble brewing.

This week we begin with what appears to be a “healthy” and fun pajama party spotlighting D’Andra’s company, Hard Night/Good Morning. She provides samples of the Green Miracle Drink with the new formula for better test. Drinking this may give you a great feel the next morning after you indulge the night before, it won’t change how you feel emotionally which is what is important.

Being healthy means surrounding yourself with friends and family who care about you. Even though we can have difficulties in relationships since we are always learning about how to interact with an understanding of each other’s unique and special differences. Communication, care, and comfort are KEY if you are consistently working on grow in your relationships. Communication means speaking your own truth and speaking it TO the person who has wronged you or in which you have felt wronged, not asking others to join you in being angry with someone or speaking for you. We must each learn how to share our voice in a positive and meaningful way. Others will listen and be mindful of our needs when we do.

A beautiful example I want to share this week is how the highlight was on weddings. We observed how LeeAnne went wedding dress shopping and Stephanie chose to join her and her friends in this special experience. D‘Andra made the choice not to attend. Was it hurtful to LeeAnne? Of course! Does a conversation need to happen? Yes, before more negative feelings are evoked and an explosion occurs.

Stephanie and Travis choose to share their beautifully meaningful vow renewal with family and close friends. We were blessed to watch their moment of love with each other. It was a much anticipated event and the growth of two individuals, with whom I care deeply about, was witnessed by us all. It is a big moment when the past crosses into the future of our lives. I call this our LEGACY and that is what Travis and Stephanie gave us. From her original wedding dress full of memories and joy, her maid of honor and close friend attending, the same pastor,

And their gratefulness of life through tears and laughter. Stephanie beautifully portrays her love of life and all that is important to her during her heart-filled confessional. She is truly blessed with an amazing husband who strives every day to be a powerful companion, to her sweet children growing in their own special ways, and with the close family and friends she surrounds herself with to choose to honor one step at a time. Hear the words of support to you…”We choose to be together. We choose EACH other.” Yes, LOVE is a daily choice. One filled with communication, care, and comfort in our relationships we treasure as we step each day into our futures and leave the past behind.

I chose to focus my observations and insights this week on the positive aspects of what occurred. I am not addressing the discussion between LeeAnne, Kameron, Mama Dee, and D’Andra. It is time to made a decision, ladies. What do you want in your lives? Anger and Revenge? That is what is coming.

Stay tuned…


If you want to read more about the “housewives” and how to step out of your own comfort zone, step up into want you desire in life, and step forward in purpose, pick up a copy of my new book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Follow me on social media, too, as Walk with Lori! See you soon!

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