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She Said, She Said

My question would be this week, “are you walking in your own truth?” Each “housewife” is exercising their own boundaries in the last few episodes and this one is no exception. How do we know we are walking in our own truth? It is evident in our thoughts, words, and definitely actions. Before I share a little more on that topic, here is a quick recap and my insights I feel have to be shared. We are certainly turning UP the volume on the conversations, interactions, and their reactions.

Yes, Rich and LeeAnne are still working on the details of their upcoming wedding and it is still a source of “attack” by others, including D’Andra and Brandi. Is she dragging her feet? Is she concerned about getting married and making sure it is a “forever” kind of thing? Whether the answer is YES or it is NO, being supportive of a friend who is wrestling with the common questions that each bride asks herself, especially when you are serious about the commitment the way that LeeAnne is. They are walking through the preparations of an event which leads to a new life. She is being honest with her feelings and her own fear in the matter. If there are challenges in the relationship which D’Andra seems to be frustrated with, shouldn’t she be asking with support and compassion?

D’Andra and her mom, Momma Dee have come through their own relationship difficulties. They have progressed to sharing ways to stay connected in their business dealings while respecting their personal lives. Momma Dee has some powerful thoughts as they relate to the long-standing friendship D’Andra and LeeAnne have shared. She says to her daughter, “LeeAnne’s relationship is her concern. She’s asking you to stay out of her business. Don’t keep trying to prove the point.” Momma Dee’s simple comment of “just enjoy each other and do not pick apart each other’s’ lives” could be a complete theme to their year’s season.

Why do we as women feel they have to weigh in about other’s lives and give advice on what they should be doing in someone else’s? Is it so we aren’t looking at how we need to be growing in our own way?

There has been noticeable growth from last season. I have witnessed it myself and we watched it in this episode. Stephanie has shown the growth in empowerment and personal worth. She is comfortable sharing it openly as she talks with her sister. She shows her vulnerability and self-awareness of being just a little bit concerned about being alone to manage the house and the boys while Travis is away for a month. Stephanie doesn’t hide behind it, she shares it and it touches the memories of standing firm in her own power in her life. Does she still wrestle with being “perfect to be loved” and believing everybody’s feelings are more important than her own? Of course. But she is shifting that belief and changing the way she puts it into action. Way to go, Steph!

Another story of growth is Cary and Mark. In this episode we are “invited” in to the opening of their new expanded laser practice and line of products. We saw last season how Cary struggled and juggled being an surgical nurse, a mom, and with the desire to be more independent with her own laser business. Yes, she is a #bossbabe now and walks this new journey well! She has even shown growth in this season with exercising her ability to speak her own truth with others while only sharing theirs when appropriate. Way to go, Cary…and Mark, too! I love how she states, “Can we just keep moving forward? Let’s not talk about each other’s’ families again this year”. So agree, girl! Well said.

What should we be concerned about in our own lives? I will say, we all have lessons we are learning and relationships are the way we work them out. What is our role as women to be focused on in life, relationships, and even work? What do you believe it to be in your life?

As we take one more quick view of this episode, I want to show you what I believe the truth in action. Brandi and Stephanie are leaving the Laser Grand Opening together and in the limousine. Brandi is frustrated with how the evenings interactions happened, especially in regards to LeeAnne. Stephanie listens intently as Brandi “releases” her emotions and speculations about LeeAnne’s motives. Stephanie shares with Brandi how she sees that both women said hurtful comments to each other and how emotionally charged the situation is becoming between them. She is now seeing each women separately for who she is and the strengths they bring during her time with them. Yet, Brandi is viewing it very differently. She states, “I think LeeAnne is getting back at me by trying to be friends with YOU.” Wow! I agree with the painful confessional by Stephanie and the words can stand for themselves. “I am not good enough to be a friend with, unless it is for revenge.” Powerful, girl. Is the perception of the action friendship or revenge, may be even simple manipulation? You may look at a relationship you have with a friend today and ask the same question. Why does being around that person make you feel periodically that there is something underneath the words and “perceived” actions which may be different than the truth?

Theme for “she said, she said” this week is…It is all in how you perceive intention! I ask you, what is the intention in the situation you are thinking about right now? Watch the words and emotions, but mostly, the actions to determine it.

Quick shout out to LeeAnne this week…way to go, girl! New intention? Calm, centered, focused, no fight or flight, just breathe! Your growth in this is evident!

Until next week…Stay Tuned!


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