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Are you living in your own REALITY show?

It’s Monday night and you are already in your pajamas with dinner ordered from your favorite delivery restaurant, and cuddled up ready for the evening to begin to see what has happened on your newest reality show addiction. You could be a BRAVO fan focused on relationship, fashion, luxury, food, or even high-end travel location addict so your guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of…, Southern Charm, The Bachelor, or even see yourself cooking on Top Chef. Or maybe you dream of your own home, serene backyard, and beautifully decorated interior so you tune into the HGTV shows of Fixer Upper, and House Hunters.

What shows do you love and can’t wait to watch?

Do you see yourself on these shows and fantasize about what it would it be like to be friends with the housewives, travel with a famous chef, or have your own vision board filled with your home in your mind?

Reality shows have changed the way we see life in many ways.

I remember the first reality show was Big Brother where we couldn’t believe individuals would actually allow cameras to be filming 24/7 their every move, word, and interaction. The confessional or diary room was started and we heard the truth behind their alliances and even their lies about them. We couldn’t believe how some individuals would actually sabotage relationships for the sake of creating a new, more powerful connection with someone who could take them one step closer to the prize monies. Vengeance, vendettas, victims, and victors were all witnessed. We talked about the show with our friends and colleagues and couldn’t believe we were watching the negativity play out openly on our screens. The numbers of watchers skyrocketed and the networks realized we didn’t want sitcoms or comedies anymore, we wanted REALITY. So, they gave them to us in a variety of forms so whatever our interest was, we found ourselves glued to each week to see how it would all unfold.

We watch reality shows because we see a different side of life and for an hour a week we escape into them. Do you ever feel that your live could be a reality show? We all do! Yet as we see shows like the Real Housewives of Dallas, which as you know I am partial to, we only see the homes, cars, glamour, laughter, relationships, fights, and families. The do lead real lives, too. Their kids get sick, just like yours, they cook dinner and have to walk the dog, they go out and have coffee with friends in their athleisure wear, and deal with struggles of life and many of them work. You don’t see those parts.

What you do see is how fun it would be to have cameras following you around making you a star. How would it feel to allow someone into your home, condo, or apartment and film your life for all to comment about either positively and supportive or with judgement and negatively? It is a very challenging proposition to think about.

Just as a “behind the scenes” snapshot. These are women (and men), who work at this for 3-6 months solid and take time out of their daily lives to allow millions of viewers into their homes. They do love bringing you IN and sharing a little bit of their lives with you!

I chose to go on a reality show because my dear client, Stephanie Hollman from RHOD, needed support as she stepped forth in empowering her life and healing a relationship with Brandi Redmond. What a blessing it was to see how their season played out and to know I did my “work” to assist them.

Life can seem like it should be a reality show and many individuals feel it would be a good one, too. Reality shows are shows with a focus. What would yours be? How would it be portrayed? Who would be in it with you? What would you want your audience to know about you?

We know a camera following us around 24/7 would capture the best and the worst of us for certain. We know life is not as it always appears.

Yet, many reality show stars are judged by the clips of life captured by the camera. Many people are quick to judge others as to the life they lead when others see only a snapshot of someone else’s life. Have you ever experienced this type of judgement by others? How do you feel? How did it change your actions and reactions to others?

Just a few “reality” thoughts for us all.

Walking with you,


If you want to hear more about how Walk with Lori assists others, feel free to take a look at my website, Like us on FB, and follow me on Instagram. My new book, coming out this Spring, will tell more about my RHOD experience. Stay tuned for more reality!

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