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Relationship Realness: Honest Tea?

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So, let’s be “honest,” shall we? This week’s blog of the day after RHOD focuses on Relationship Realness and highlights a few different topics.

First of all, how many times does D’Andra have to attend another event where she watches LeeAnne try to show her motivational and inspirational side at a speaking engagements and then observe her turn right around and have a “friend” ready with more trash talk? If we are being “honest” this week, inspiration requires more actions than words and more future PURPOSE than PAST focus. It is time to touch on what you ARE doing in life victoriously, not what you had happen in a victim status situation. We want to hear how individuals RISE above, not REACT. Enough said. I am glad D’Andra has spoken her “honest” statements and I think we all hope LeeAnne eventually listens to the feedback.

Now, on to the “tea”. I loved tea parties as a child and now even have them with my grandchildren. Yes, Cameron, it does have an expectation of etiquette attached. We use our best manners and enjoy an appropriate conversation exchange. Wouldn't you like to see more etiquette return to our daily lives? I would love more families sitting down to dinner and sharing their day. No cell phones while sitting with another person. My own adult children have rules at their meal tables of no elbows on tables and they do talk about their days, even our little 2 1/2 year old grandson and especially our 13 (going on 18!) granddaughter.

This tea party was not one of those, for sure! I will say, Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber, Cameron, and even D’Andra tried their best to be good “guests” and friends, as they kept the theme of honesty on the table. No pun intended….well maybe it was. Unfortunately, I cannot support some of the others or their irrational behavior.

The questioning process, D’Andra, was brilliant and knowing each person asked one and it came from a “teapot” and not directly verbalized at someone was a great start and helped with the initial shock of the intention. Yes, as in many groups, the concerns each women harbored were great and many were quite relevant. For instance, LeeAnne asking Brandi why she wasn’t allowed to walk into her home “rule” needed to be explained and understood. When you can open up these types of conversations and get them out into the open, the healing and further insights can finally begin.

If you conducted this same event with your group of friends, what would you bring up and why? Would you be able to be open and honest? Is gossip a part of your friendships? If so, does it hurt or help the communications and closeness with those individuals?

Women tend to deal with conflict through talking it out with someone close to them, usually a best friend or even a sister. For the most part we are first, emotional thinkers, and secondly, logical thinkers. Research tells us, negativity is five times stronger than positivity. This promotes the brain to initially focus on the negative aspects of others instead of what they appreciate or admire in the other person. How does gossip in your circles of friends affect how you feel about those individuals?

The next time you find yourself surrounded by gossip or negative sharing about someone else, consider adding your two cents about something positive about that person. See how it changes the conversation. Or you could always have an “honest tea”.

Until next time….walking with you,

- Lori

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