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Yes, I'm on the Real Housewives of Dallas

The surprise is OUT, I am on the Real Housewives of Dallas. My first episode (episode #2) just aired! You can feel my excitement. My blog this week, was to be focusing on my views on the relationships which are obviously quite intensive on the show each week. Yes, something just has to be addressed first!

As I watched with anticipation for the outcome of our day of filming, I had no idea what to expect! You cannot even guess.

Don't you just love it when you have a TV appearance and they misspell your name?

Interesting enough, some of my own friends and family didn’t even see the wrong spelling from Lori to Laurie.

So, after seeing the big mistake, what were my options? Should I do something about it? From my brainstorm of actions, if any, would I take. My outcomes gleaned this list.

I decided I had to make a choice…

1) Be upset and tell everyone how ridiculous editors can be (probably not the best idea…negativity would result).

2) Change my name to fit the newly shared one (NOPE…too much trouble).

3) Laugh it off and ignore it (maybe…consider).

4) Use it to my advantage and have fun with it….(YES!).

So, what did I do? I shared it with YOU and many others!

It is very challenging to have your name appear incorrectly on an international show when your company name has your own name in it, too. Walk with LORI cannot be changed to Walk with Laurie!

I hope you will laugh with me and remember my name is LORI! Watch and see me on a few more episodes with even more relationship “realness” in next week’s blog. As they say, STAY TUNED!

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