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We are Family....I Got All My Sisters and Me

As we continue our international journey in Copenhagen with this week’s episode of the Dallas “housewives”, Cary continues to be excited to share her family and their Danish roots with everyone. Cary shares more of her family with us as we see her favorite times from teenage years she still carries with her. The memories come flooding in as she takes the girls biking, boating, and even to a theme park, Danish style. Little did she know her Dallas family of Mark and Zuri would surprise her. The love could be experienced by all as they all squealed in delight when she first saw the loves in her life walk out into the backyard. The importance of family runs deep and tears of joy flow as she shares a traditional meal with the RHOD “sisters”. Dinner and diving into the Baltic Sea provide for laughter and smiles. Roots run deep for family when we understand the importance of connection for all of us.

Family is the theme I hope to provide insight this week. Even the “housewives” discuss family topics and each has their own alignment throughout the season, too. D’Andra has shown how working through things with her mom has been so important to their relationship and how much her feeling of family and love with Jeremy has meant to her.

Stephanie, Kameron, and Brandi have all shared their moments of why family is so important, too. From blessings on a home, meeting new family members, bringing a new addition into the family, and learning how to be a part of a Dallas socialite family has all been shared this year.

We watched last year as LeeAnne discussed how having a single mom who followed the “carny” life affected her growing up and shaped her reactions in life to others. She was raised by her grandmother and only spent summers with her mom. Their relationship was a tumultuous one and is just now being explored together as adults. Marriage and family has a different connotation to her. Being loved is a huge moment of gratefulness in her life as she honors it with Rich. She did experience abandonment and it is a part of her emotional DNA core which is why she is working on reprogramming her past to more positively impact her future.

DNA and ancestry understandings are on the rise. We all are desiring the need for knowing our roots. Family comes in all shapes and sizes. I, myself, began speaking about family and its diverse impact in our life while I was in 6th grade. Why was this the topic for a middle schooler to be speaking about? I was different than other children my own age and how their families were structured, you see, I was adopted. Being adopted was unusual in the sixties and seventies. My story was different and one others wanted to hear about.

My husband and I have had many different aspects of family as part of our journey. We have always represented the epitome of a blended family. When our youngest grandson was born 3 1/2 years ago, I created a book of how exponentially our hearts expand no matter if we are biological family, extended family, family by marriage, or family by circumstance. Our one granddaughter has five sets of grandparents and all have different expectations and gifts in their role.

Family isn’t just about who you are related to or who you grew up with or chose to marry. We each are seeking connection in this life and family is only the beginning steps of how we are to learn its importance in our life. Women, especially, are looking for connection with other “sisters” in their life to share life challenges, joys, and memories.

My hope and prayer is each “housewife” realizes this holiday season how important “sisters” are and why friendship is an extension of love and family. May you and your family focus on what is important in life.

I will be focusing my social media this holiday season on how far love expands in blended families if we only release our resistance and embrace the feeling. Love in all shapes and sizes...those you agree with their traditions and those you don’t; how they raise children, what they eat, what they choose to focus their life on, their religion or belief systems. Find your special memories this holiday season and give the gift of love, compassion, and acceptance to those you hold quite dear. Radiate that feeling out to others who need the sense of “family” and “sisterhood” at this time. You will receive the abundance of blessings back multiple times over.

Do you want to extend your inspiration on this topic and others? Here’s how:

  • You may choose to follow my posts on social media this season and I hope they bless you and others in your family.

  • You may choose to purchase my book filled with strategies, stories, and tools, and gift it to a family member or “sister”. Specials on the book, journal, and ebook will be announced on social media so stay tuned.

  • If you have family challenges in how you can communicate, care, connect, or “blend” better, feel free to email me for a special session. I would be honored to provide a few steps of insights for your journey together.

Until then...stay tuned!

From my family to yours..


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