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Oh, the Memories...Back To The 80's

Here’s the quick recap and reactions from this week’s episode before we launch into the “time warp” back. “Brunching” seems to be the new way of women meeting and sharing whatever is going on in life. As you know, Kameron, Stephanie, and LeeAnne’s brunch was about creating positive connections. It was meant to have similarities spotlighted in the two blondes. Yes, the conversation discussed connections yet shifted from the positive to negative very quickly Why is Stephanie always tethered to Brandi? Aren’t they two friends who care about each other, have history together, and have fun escapades? Why is Stephanie responsible for anyone else’s behavior but her own? Why is the theme this season on Brandi being a bad influence on others? Aren’t we expected to “own” our thoughts, feelings, and actions?

Next brunching experience was Brandi and D’Andra’s definitely a “boozy” one. Somewhere between the bottle of wine and tequila shots, the laughter and conversation shifted to LeeAnne. The fact is D’Andra and LeeAnne are not really talking anymore, except the usual cordial “how are you” greeting with a smile. There seems to be a serious concern for D’Andra around the topic of Rich and LeeAnne’s wedding and the rumors of infidelity. Why do I refer to it as serious? She seems to be talking about it with everyone and her emotions are escalating each time, almost to the level of angry. Why is D’Andra so concerned for her friend? Is it because this is one battle she can pursue? Is she really missing the relationship with her friend and reacting with concern instead? What’s the best approach in this situation? Talking it out calmly with LeeAnne, not with accusations but with heart and feeling. Healing is needed between them if LeeAnne will even hear her words. We only hear words without meaning until feelings and even our tone and body language are interpreted by the other person. D’Andra’s words may sound like concern, but her actions speak differently. This pair of “housewives” decide to continue their “boozy brunch” into an evening charity event for the LGBT Black Tie Dinner. Now everyone is involved in their conversation and the alcohol level didn’t help the situation, only elevated it.

You either love the 1980’s or couldn’t wait for the era to pass. The Prom theme of tonight’s biggest event was totally tubular, like the cocktails! Way to go, girls! You took it to another level!

Yes, LeeAnne, we personally experienced this crazy time of life with big hair and crazy styles.

I did live through the 80’s even though the RHOD girls were just born...except LA and I!

What I would share as an insight from this episode is time to dismiss the past...just like we all did with the 80’s. It is time to look toward the future of tomorrow as you embrace today. Let go of the hurt and pain if your friendships are important. Reach out in forgiveness of the negative words spoken and talk TO each other OR move on and choose to be cordial in your interactions. We all have relationships we can’t reach a healing space in them. Negative words about them only give us the deeper reaction.

LeeAnne has become calmer and more open in her thoughts and actions with the other women. She is trying new behaviors with D’Andra yet, Brandi is still a source of contention. There are some unresolved pieces still there between them and the conversation needs to occur if resolution is going to happen. Communicate, ladies. Find your voices and speak from your heart, not your pain.

Before we move on from tonight’s episode, I must say, Cary receives the award for Most Memorable Words. She has come to the realization from the experiences she has had from last season and this season. She states, “I should never speak out about other’s truth, but speak my own truth.” Wow! Way to go, girl!

There have been numerous lessons in this episode and I am ready to see what happens in next week, too! Aren’t you?

If you want to know more about my work with the “housewives” and how empowering women to re-envision their life, follow me on Facebook or Instagram @walkwithlori. You may want to pick up my newly released book "Step OUT, Step UP, Step Forward: How To Walk In Your Purpose" by Lori L. Dixon on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print or ebook format.

Until then...Stay Tuned...


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