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Business as Usual, At Least for Entrepreneurs

Last episode on RHOD we were just getting warmed up with the Anger Room open discussions and breaking glass. This episode was turn up the volume and the heat just a little bit more. Each woman is examining their personal strengths in the business world.

Brandi has invited the women to a pop-up boutique of Brandi Land, a resort wear brand of clothing and jewelry. She started her line two years ago to compliment her husband’s business in real estate and marinas. How clever, Brandi, and how entrepreneurial, too!

LeeAnne is doing a photo shoot with her new clothing line or shall we say, a dress. A fabulous idea and another entrepreneur launching a brilliant concept in women’s fashion. Yet they don’t see how they could support each other.

Kameron has recently returned from the Global Pet Expo examining a way to pursue her own pink and sparkling dream, Sparkle Dog dog food. Her husband, Cort, is confused as to why she doesn’t want to find a distributor or to just license the product to a larger company. He wondered why she didn’t want to be a wife and mother only, like the other women in the Westcott family. Kameron is conflicted about her newly felt entrepreneur status.

We know D’Andra is a strong and focused business woman who is getting ready to leap into entrepreneur status away from the long-standing family business she shared with her mother. Will they separate their businesses during this season or find ways to communicate their differences so they can maximize their business strengths together.

Cary has expanded their growing clinic with her injectable practice. She is able to balance being a mom, a wife, a surgical nurse, with yoga and healthy living.

Stephanie is the ambassador for the Hollman foundation with the continued and expanded actions in new educational support. Travis was recently honored as a CEO who’s philanthropic efforts impact children and families in need. This has now included their own employees through college classes and diagnostics for children who may be exhibiting learning differences. Stephanie continues this year to work on her growing fashion focus on Reward Style and other creative outlets.

Each of these women are also managing homes, charity outreach, families, and some are moms, too. Of course, all are balancing their statuses of being celebrities. How do they do it all? Isn’t that the question for not just the “housewives” but for all female entrepreneurs, how do we do it all? I want to spotlight only a few key insights we observed during this episode which are answers to this growing question for all women.

Support is our first component. Support from family, friends, or colleagues is integral to success. Belief in our efforts and ideas creates the foundation for a safe space when we are facing challenges when they arise. We used to call it, establish your “board of directors”. I have been, throughout my career, an entrepreneur. I currently own my company and am launching a new book next week. My success has been attributed to surrounding myself with trusted “others” and letting them know how much I value them. My first event will be a brunch where I am honoring the “influencers” in my life. Consider finding the tribe around you of influencers, just as Brandi has done with her business. Kam is feeling the need for influencers and so is D’Andra as they both are looking at new businesses being ignited.

Communication is the second component. Open, honest, and valued communication without the gossip, negative, and motive-driven conversations. Which ones do you surround yourself with each day? Are you creating meaningful discussions where purpose-driven intentions are at the heart or is it more troubleshooting and problem oriented? Stay positive and keep redirecting the language toward how you are already overcoming any hurdles in your path, its just how you will do it that needs to be determined.

Lastly, dream BIG! Find moments to be innovative, creative, imaginative, and let yourself wonder more in each step you find along your path of success. Keep your mission close and remind yourself of the WHY you have felt called to strive for in your life. Mission, feelings, and purpose are what drives us to motivate ourselves during the challenges, especially for women. We can and will continue to reach just a little bit higher every day and in each instance that occurs.

We can and will continue to be female entrepreneurs and I applaud these women who are taking the steps to their dreams and you should, too. If you need assistance in finding your purpose, next steps, or balancing your life in the midst of the challenges, feel free to email me at: or pick up a copy of my new book next week entitled, Step OUT, Step UP, Step Forward: How to walk in your purpose, for more strategies, stories, and tools.

Stay tuned,


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