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What's in YOUR wallet?

Remember the old, Capital One commercial, “what’s in YOUR wallet?” The girls of RHOD are becoming even more centered around money. Well, maybe not just money, but the better word is abundance. We begin with LeeAnne and Rich planning their wedding where the dollar signs are already part of the conversation as she states “it’s not about the money”. We transition to Brandi working on her expanded responsibility in life as a new mom again with the included scrutiny of adoption. Her abundance feelings are in lack of time, sleep, and worth from her growing friendships and struggling ones, too. We continue the theme as LeeAnne and D’Andra air the frustration and maybe even anger, in their rapidly declining girl-pal status. This certainly seems to be the hot topic for the season and after personally seeing D’Andra interviewed at a recent watch party in Dallas on this very subject, things haven’t gotten any better and yes, they are not rekindling their friend status.

Really though, I want to share some insights from this week as we spotlight abundance in many unique forms. Let’s start with the girls day out in the “Anger Room”. A very interesting place to bring a group to explore what is hiding under the quiet smiles we sometimes give each other. For these ladies, it was a rollercoaster of emotion and the honesty and truth is spilling out all over. LeeAnne is truly working on her own anger and finding ways to share her experiences of healing by bringing the girls along on her journey. Asking them to be real in their interactions. Not everyone needs to break plates and mirrors to “let it go”, but it was a good place to start. Were we hoping for an abundance of connection and breaking down the walls toward receiving more realness, vulnerability, and authenticity?

How do you release your hurt and pain in life? Some people have to physically release their feelings through movement or other therapeutic options. When we deal with powerful emotion, we all react very differently. Last season we watched LeeAnne’s outbursts include many examples of explosion and even breaking glasses were a result. Yet in this new shift, LeeAnne is actually trying to show how we can create a more tangible physical release of our feeling to touch base with our “real feelings, real hurt, and real pain” as she suggests. Yes, LeeAnne, “we all have a strong ability to be “fake”and to talk about surface things and events”.

Isn’t it all about loyalty, betrayal, and trust? As D’Andra has her own emotional release through sharing her pain, anger, and mostly, humiliation over the statements made around her financial stability. She felt a good friend, a trusted other in her life didn’t have her back. Have you felt that way about a friend? I believe we all have. Relationships are brought into our life to teach us the most about ourselves and as we struggle in them we gain newfound skills and strengths to move forward even further in life. If we can only build our internal personal power to find our voice and walk through the difficulty or challenge and gain the new wisdom and experience.

Isn’t that what D’Andra is doing in her own breakdown? Is this a pain point for her? Her abundance is in question. Her foundation to money and stability is not going to be useful moving forward in her choices for freedom. Starting over financially to obtain her signature “platform” in life is frightening for her. She sees her abundance as only financial because that is her early connections determined by family structures. Is it really her true abundance? Our feelings of worth and abundance run deep and D’Andra’s reaction to “how much money I have in my bank account” being shared with others is just one example. How humiliating is it when others seem to be sharing their own feelings about our worth, whether it be monetary or our value. D’Andra is highly sensitive at this time with her current shift in financial stability as she begins an unknown journey in business ownership. Walking into a new way of thinking effects our choices and routines. To put it mildly, she is terrified and that is evident by her emotional reactions.

Yet, through this “Anger Room” experience, the ladies have all grown. I love how Stephanie Hollman physically embraces D’Andra’s pain with her and states, “you are loved regardless of what you are going through”. Yes, Stephanie, abundance is in our worth as individuals, NOT in our bank accounts. Cary, the bearer of the words spoken from LeeAnne about D’Andra is claiming her own worth by releasing the rumor back to the person. She will no longer carry negativities of drama for others. She is claiming HER abundance.

The result of the outpouring of love and examples of worth and abundance shift D’Andra’s feelings from lack to her profound statement on her plate before it significantly is broken against the wall, “I am starting over. I’m good enough just the way I am.” Cary chimes in with her plate with, “No more fear”. Stephanie adds in hers, “I don’t have to be perfect to be loved.” Finally, Brandi let’s go of the control she feels she must have in her life to gain her own abundance by letting others help her. Wow! The power of abundance in action! Worth, resources, relationships, and then finances…that’s what it is all about. I love the way LeeAnne shares not just her words in a more calm, centered, and focused manner, but with the care of her personal intention in her actions. What progress for all of these women!

What is most important to you in your life? Money? Family? Job? Health? We all have our own answers based on our personal feelings around abundance and prosperity. For all of us with the backgrounds of our parents and grandparents, the answer would be very different. Each of the RHOD women and attest to their own family legacies. The focus of abundance continues to be a part of everyone’s life, no matter your race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, language, or economic status. Abundance has been misinterpreted as only extreme financial means. You can see, as evident in D’Andra’s discussion as she sees that having a “silver spoon” in your mouth growing up doesn’t prepare you for a lifestyle of starting over. Our understanding of abundance, includes our family beliefs, personal experiences, and lessons in life portray our own path to growth. We have the ability to design our own influence and impact through how we perceive, believe, and achieve moments in our life. What will you do today that feeds your feelings of abundance? How will you manifest even more in your life?

For more information how to expand your own abundance and live a life of stepping forward in purpose, plus, more stories about the “housewives”, watch for Lori’s new book coming out next week.

Stay tuned,


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