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Dont Stand Out, Stand Up?

You have most likely heard this phrase being chanted and shared in social media, press, and most recently on the Golden Globes. I love watching the award shows, like many of you, for the red-carpet fashions and the “who’s who” of Hollywood. This year you witnessed the sea of beautiful and elaborate gowns in only one unified color of black. A statement for all those attending and for those of us at home. What was your reaction? Were you ready to stand up in your own homes in support?

One radical attendee, Blanca Blanco, created a flurry of media reaction when she made her debut on the red carpet wearing a bright red gown, a high thigh slit, and a deep plunging neckline with a full waist reveal. Stand out or stand up? Even though Blanca stands beside and agrees with her colleagues and the decision to fight for what is right in appropriate treatment for all women. She felt her choice in color and dress design should be her own. She was quoted, “shaming is part of the problem.” Being able to choose how we stand out or stand up should be our right.

Hollywood has shown its solidarity for the mission of an anti-sexual harassment group Time’s Up fueled by their mantra “don't stand out, stand up”, but what else is it time to stand up for? When is the appropriate time to stand up? Don't you first have to stand out to stand up?

As I share with my own clients when they are experiencing a challenge in their life, we must first walk in our own brilliance each day no matter what forces are shadowing us. That is “standing up”! Standing UP in our beauty, our gifts, our mind, our hearts, and our voice. Then, we find others to share our moments and insights with each day. As we do this, we begin to stand OUT in our beliefs and mission.

My newest book coming out in March is entitled, Step OUT, Step UP, and Step Forward: How to Walk in Your Purpose. Maybe I need to shift the order in light of these actions in our communities. What do you think?

This is a new year and “Time’s Up” on your past mistakes, choices, and missteps. I ask you, how are you going to stand up and move into your new self for 2018? Do you need someone to stand with you? What will you stand out or stand up for in your life and work? Remember, I’m here!

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