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This best seller highlights 12 women who share their entrepreneurial journey to success


Turning Challenge Into Success

Do not miss Lori's chapter titled, “Step OUT, Step UP, Step Forward”:

“So, Step OUT, Step UP, Step Forward, and take a running state and “envision leap” as you remember…it’s all about the shoes!”

For more, be sure to get a copy of the full book here.


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Brilliance comes from seeing who you really ARE and bringing HER with you! We want you to truly SEE your authentic I AM and realize SHE is amazing!

You are a warrior woman in grace and in bliss.

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Coming Soon!

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Learn how to Walk in Your Purpose with Lori Dixon.



Lori L. Dixon, Ed.S., is the owner of Walk with Lori, an affiliate of LLD Legacy. Lori brings her knowledge, passion, and 35 years of experience in education, business, healthcare, and nonprofits. As a visionary coach, Lori empowers others to re-envision their authentic self, activate their strengths, and embrace their journey of life and work. She offers services through individualized and small group coaching, workshops, group events, retreats, and online. Lorigreatest blessings are her children and grandchildren, two sweet rescue kitties, and her amazing "co-pilot" in life, her husband, Art.

For more information, check out the rest of her website HERE!

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