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Are you seeking dynamic and purposeful opportunities for inspiration, collaboration, and networking? Join us for GROUP ENGAGEMENT.

Are you searching for new insight, support, or growth in your life or work? Answers may be found for you in COACHING.

​Are you experianceing a life filled with deep conversations and personal growth? Choose to embrace who you are in our PROGRAMS.

Are you a ready to walk into a consciously collaborative network of Empowered women? Engage in our COMMUNITY.


"I have worked with Lori for almost a year now, and she has helped me in a way that no one else could. Here dynamic experience and training gives her the ability to easily assist me in navigating a multitude of life situations. Not only is she incredibly professional and exceptionally intelligent, but she is also an extraordinarily caring person who takes on her client’s wellbeing as if it were her own. I feel privileged to work with Lori and cannot wait to continue my journey with her.”  

—  Abby W., Client

Re-envision your life, one step at a time.

Let's start our walk together today!

My name is Lori Dixon, and I'm a Visionary Coach, Innovative Facilitator, Best-Selling Author, & TV Personality.

Find out more about myself & my programs above, and contact me for a complimentary coaching session, which includes your own

"I AM" Visionary Profile.

 Coming Fall 2017 


"Step Out Step Up Step Forward:

How To Walk In Your Purpose"

 Stay Tuned for More Information! 




How To Walk In Your Purpose

Available Soon for Pre-Order

Re-envision your life, one step at a time.
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