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Personal and professional growth is a process that requires a focus and network of action and support to be accomplished. We believe in empowering the individual from the “inside” out with their personal goals and aspirations at the core of what we do together, just like the seeds in a sunflower.

The CORE Mindset Management program is a unique blend of the Asset-Based Thinking ™ (ABT) Action Coaching program with the addition of innovative techniques and strategies to transform your personal development in life and in work even further.

Your CORE represents your confidence, optimism, resilience, and energy. This CORE is evident in your inner decisions and problem solving and your outer interactions and outcomes. When you focus on your personal and professional CORE greater work will occur from your effort. Just as in exercising, when you focus on your core development your body aligns, strengthens, and can withstand the daily impact it receives.

The CORE process involves developing your own awareness and using your strengths and strategies through coaching. Coaching is one of the most efficient and effective ways for people to take their work and their lives to the next level. We are pleased to introduce you to the Asset-Based Thinking ™ (ABT) Action Coaching PLUS through CORE Mindset Management experience to assist you in unlocking the power within you to generate and advance your goals.

·      The CORE Mindset Management program is based on a powerful and proven mindset management technique and psychology of Asset-Based Thinking™ (ABT) brought to life in the best sellers, Change the Way You See Everything (2006) and Change the Way You See Yourself (2008).


·      The CORE model provides you with an intellectual and emotional experience that is engaging, motivational, and practical in personal and professional endeavors. It combines the three keys to transformation of: connection, investment, and outreach.


·      It is delivered in 8 sections, which can be designed to meet your personal or team needs. We offer an online webinar option with 8 sessions, 90 minutes in duration, and include the option to work with other coaching partners.


Transformation occurs when you listen to the voice that calls out from your soul.

– Chrissy Carew


ABT Action Coaching PLUS combines Asset-Based Thinking™ tools and strategies through coaching and the CORE Mindset Management techniques for added benefit to both personal and professional endeavors.


 For more information or to have a customized complimentary consultation session, please contact us at: .

It is the ability for us to embrace the “I AM” we are today in weakness and in strength to enjoy the “I AM” we are becoming tomorrow. Will you join me? Let’s walk together to find the greatest gifts you possess to see your true “I AM”. 

—Lori L. Dixon, Ed.S.

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