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Embrace an interactive relaxation experience

incorporating calming breathing techniques 

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A Note From Lori 
Founder & CEO 


Through my prior work with children, youth and families, and in my doctoral studies in brain research, learning and behavior, I have created numerous programs around our sensory connections - from birth through adulthood. Knowing the science and spiritual nature behind all the wonderful benefits breath provides us with is of great value to living a healthier and more balanced life in EASE. 


For me, the foundational practice in life is to know what leads YOU to bliss and how breath can give you the ability to stay within harmony of mind, body, and spirit. 


I have been working on these key strategies and tools over the last fifteen years, sharing them in my courses, workshops, retreats and private sessions. I am very excited to share this new group connection session with YOU all! It comes from my heart, spirit and knowledge. You will be receiving many of the tools I have been taught from other experts and some I have designed myself for specific purposes. 


Are you excited yet? I know I AM! It is time to get you started by clicking the button below and saying "I am IN!" You may purchase the first session for a nominal fee of $77 and once completed, you may apply it to the full program.  You may try out 


I can't wait to see you! Let's find new ways to BREATHE in the BLISS and ease in our lives together! 

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Image by Eugene Zhyvchik
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Take a synergistic journey of understanding how breath works in your life and the

importance of it in the overall health and wellness of our mind, body, and spirit. 

Bliss fuels our vision in life, without it there is no "why". You may call it different

things, yet joy, inner excitement, and harmony lead us all to BLISS.


Connection is a major component of this experience through small

group engagement and compassionate coaching with a purpose.


  • Discover the importance of breath, types of breath and why we use them 

  • Awareness of the vagus nerve in our body, hormone regulation, and what chemical releases in our brain function for our benefit.

  • Instruction, practice, integration, and relaxation for all session participants 


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