August 31, 2018

Do you meditate? If not, you should be focusing on mindfulness and breath more in your life. It is working right now for one “real housewife” and guess who…LeeAnne. She’s even trying to share her new practice with the others by bringing her singing bowls on their girls...

August 24, 2018

This week on RHOD Season 3, Episode 2, we witnessed numerous examples of why being open and honest with each other is so important. Discussions ranged from Brandi and D’Andra with the “drug” use, D’Andra and Dee (her mom) and the mother-daughter dilemmas, to Stephanie...

August 17, 2018

Guess what...they’re back and so am I! So much has changed since early in 2018 when RHOD Season 2 was completed. Yes, I haven’t been blogging since last season and can’t wait to be back to share my thoughts and connections with these year’s season of RHOD again! 


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What is a Visionary Coach

August 1, 2017

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After making her debut as the go-to intuitive and visionary coach on the newest season of the RHOD, Lori Dixon combines her unique knowledge and diverse experience to help others find their balance.


Lori will make you re-examine the different aspects of your life and work and bring forth just the right combination of gifts and strengths, just as she has done with students, families, professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Her profound ability to engage, inspire, and motivate others has now reached the million women she, herself, envisioned.


Lori truly believes in finding the “heart strings” in life, releasing the fears which hold us back, and embracing the life we are meant to live.  Her collaborative endeavor for women is even called, The Every Heart Project, which includes an outreach to charities in their Operation Every Heart. As her company name suggests, you, too, will want to Walk with Lori.

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